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Basic Principles for Selecting Cat Toys

- Jan 28,2019 -

Safety is the primary consideration
Toys are a very important part of cats. In our eyes, cats are arrogant and do not like to move. But in fact, cats like to interact with us, and they can also move while playing with cats, so that they don’t lie there all day to accumulate fat.

One of the most important principles for cat toys is to be firm. If they can withstand shaking, throwing, biting, scratching, patting, kicking, licking and pounding many times without falling out, they are qualified cat toys. Cat toys filled with cat mint are easy to attract cat’s interest, but most cats eat cat Mint because they like cat mint.

It’s better not to have parts that fall off easily on toys. Cat Mint mice with wired tails, caterpillars with mosaic eyes, giant Plush wasps with pattern and plastic tennis balls with tempting balls are the four most popular cat toys. But they have a common weakness: they have small and easy-to-fall parts, which are easy to cause eating errors when they fall off. So we’d better get rid of things that are easy to fall off and make sure that the cat is not threatened.

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