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Categories of Dog Toys

- Jan 28,2019 -

1. Leave out toys – train the dog’s attention. The missing food toy of the tumbler is the representative toy of the star toy. Leakage toys are different from ordinary toys. They are like live prey. If dogs chase them, they can attract their attention for a long time. Dogs are naturally fond of chasing, but ordinary toys can not satisfy their desire to chase, so dogs will gradually lose interest in prey. The missing toys use food as fillers, so that dogs can get food through their own efforts in the process of chasing, thus producing a certain degree of satisfaction.

2. Puzzle toys – Open up mental training. The Star Story Snack Ring Solitary Toy is specially designed for global animal education by the Animal Behavior Center of Star Story College. The difficulty can be adjusted by the location of the snack ring. Dogs are trying to find ways to eat food in the process of brain. Such an interesting toy, the dog will not feel bored and lonely even when he is playing at home.

3. Molar toys – to meet the needs of molars. The puppy dog has long teeth and itchy gums, so a molar toy is a necessary toy. Star Tree Tire Toy, which adds exclusive dog molar cake to meet the needs of dog gnawing molars, can fully contact with the teeth but will not be torn, protect the dog’s mouth, so that the dog get fun and enjoyment in molars.

4. Bite-resistant toys – vent the desire to bite. Dogs have a natural desire to bite. If they don’t bite toys, they will transfer their targets to the items at home and produce destructive behavior. Star-book pimpkin toys can fully satisfy the dog’s desire to chew. Special TPR materials are flexible and embedded in snacks, so that the dog can fully vent his energy, and there is no energy to destroy other things.

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