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Four Functions of Dog Toys

- Jan 28,2019 -

1. Dog toy dog separation anxiety
Dog toys can eliminate the problem of separation anxiety. Nowadays, City pets are always busy with their work and do not have much leisure time to accompany their dogs. When the owner leaves home, the dog will have separation anxiety. Unscrupulous destruction of everything in the family is a manifestation of separation anxiety. In the dog toy Star Story solitary toys, the design of the tumbler missing food is more interesting, inducing the desire of the dog to eat, attracting the dog for a long time, letting the dog eliminate the time of loneliness and anxiety, and consuming the energy of the dog.

2. Dog toy dog nature is suppressed
Dogs are naturally chasing, sniffing, gnawing and hunting. However, in the family environment where dogs live, some behaviors can not be released and are always suppressed. Dog toys Miss toys in solitary toys, just like a prey with life, to satisfy the pleasure of dog chasing prey.

3. Dog toy dog and owner’s emotional weakening
Dog toys are not only toys that dogs can play alone, but also interactive toys. For example, dog toys star toy maze ball, dog and owner can interact at home, so that dog and owner can enjoy parent-child activities and enhance their feelings.

4. Dog Toy Dog Brain Can’t Be Trained
Dog toys’unique toys are designed for the desire of dogs to explore, adding missing food and molar snacks to the passage of dog toys. Dogs train and develop their brains by studying the process of snacks. Stimulating the dog’s inquiry instinct will make the dog fall in love with this mental training, and will make the dog concentrate on the game, which will help to enhance the dog’s mental training.

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