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how do you pick the right scratcher for your cat?

- May 8,2019 -

Cat owners usually prepare a cat scratcher for their cat. A cat scratcher can be used to sharpen the cat’s claws and provide a way for the cat to have fun. So how do you pick the right scratcher for your cat?

1.Want to buy the cat scratches board with good quality above all, generally speaking one cent price one cent goods. At the same time, avoid the selection of surface color printed cat scratches, so as to avoid the harm of chemical substances.

2.Choose a cat scratcher for your cat, and choose a suitable aperture for your cat. Larger apertures will be preferred and will provide better ventilation.

3.Cat scratcher board as far as possible to choose and home furniture different materials, different colors of the species, in order to avoid the cat can not distinguish what can catch, what can not catch.

4.If the cat scratcher is crushed or easily deformed after a short period of use, the quality is not acceptable. Do not buy next time.

5.The size of the cat scratchpad should be determined according to the length of the cat. Placed vertically, they should be high enough to allow the cat to stand on its hind legs. The flat surface should allow the cat to climb fully on it.

6.And cat scratches are expendable, cat owners should be based on the use of cat scratches and damage to timely replacement.

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