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Some toys for the cat DIY

- Jan 28,2019 -

DIY 1: Tin Paper Balls
Use the tin paper left in the kitchen to tear a small piece and roll it into a ball. Similarly, as table tennis balls roll around on the ground, cats will be happy with these games.

DIY II: Wool Ball
Cats like to wrap wool around, even if they tie themselves up, it doesn’t matter. You are the cat’s favorite toy when you are not at home.

DIY 3: Plastic bottles
Place rice or sand in an abandoned plastic bottle and let it roll on the floor to attract cats’attention. The cat will be tired of running after this “monster”.

DIY 4: flashlight
Let the cat chase the flashlight that is projected on the wall or floor, and it will jump around the room like a madman. Be careful not to let the light hurt the cat’s eyes when playing.

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