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What are the common materials for dog toys

- Jan 28,2019 -

1. Toys are made of different materials and have different durability. So before you buy toys for your pet, you need to know your pet’s biting habits and choose the right durable toys for it.

2. Polyethylene is as soft as latex toys and is made into various colors. Some even squeak to make toys more interesting. These toys are generally suitable for dogs without aggressive biting habits.

3. Rubber and nylon toys are durable and suitable for dogs with moderate tearing habits. This kind of toy often makes a hole in it, which is more interesting when dogs like to tear. Suggestions for purchase: 1000 feather rubber Dingling dumbbell dog toys

4. The rope toys are generally made of nylon or cotton, and are suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. Especially for those dogs who like dragging games, and this kind of soft and hard texture also helps the dog’s teeth health. Choice Suggestions: Colorful Tie-knot Toys, Small Double-knot Dog Toys

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