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What price-effective cat toys are there

- Jan 28,2019 -

1. Cat scratch board: Most cats like it, but the only disadvantage is not easy to fix.
2. Mao Grab Column: It is more attractive to cats than cat grab plate, and it is also fixed.
3. Kitty stick: Kitty stick is cheaper and more convenient to use, but it takes a little physical effort to tease the cat.
4. Plush toys: Most cats like them, but their durability is poor and it’s easy to find where to go.
5. Spring Mouse: Not all cats will like it. Some cats should be afraid of the strength of the spring.
6. Shadowless Mouse: Some cats like to jump on and play all the time, but in order to keep the cat from playing, they need to take it away after each play.
7. Cat Climbing Frame: Can please most cats, and in line with their nature, occupies a larger area, the price is relatively high, but the reputation is very good.

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