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Why Dogs Need Toys

- Jan 28,2019 -

When a dog feels constrained by love, annoyed, lonely or stressed, the way to release pressure is usually shown as destructive behavior. Toys can help dogs relieve stress and reduce the possibility of destructive behavior. Without toys, dogs may bite anything they can touch, shoes, books, even beds and chairs. Choosing a toy of the right size can help your dog expend part of his energy and decompress.

Relieve boredom
Many dogs grow up but still keep the habit of chasing their tails. They seem to enjoy the fun action very much. Dogs chasing their tails is also a sign that they feel bored and are looking for ways to enjoy themselves! If the dog’s behavior bothers you, you can try to give it many interesting toys to play with and some safe things to bite. With these choices, I believe it will not be bored to chase its own tail to play, playing with toys can help the dog relieve boredom.

Keep a Healthy Weight
Some dogs are lazy and don’t like to exercise, which leads to obesity and seriously affects their health. Dog “toys” are secret weapons against lazy dogs. A fun toy can often attract their interest, make them unconsciously “move” to help them maintain a healthy weight.

Enhance the feelings of people and dogs
Some dog toys require the owner to play with the dog. For example, flying butterflies and playing with the dog can help to enhance mutual feelings.

Toys Accompany Dogs to Grow Healthily
Toys are a very important thing in the growth of VIP dogs. In addition to making them happy and satisfied, more importantly, dogs should gradually learn to play with toys by themselves. When they are alone, they will not destroy furniture because of boredom or dissatisfaction. From the early days, dogs can be given 30 minutes of solitary time every day, during which time, let the dog play with his toys, let him get used to the behavior when no one is accompanied.

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